Cryptoway Hosting Services

Launching Q3 2022
Image showing crypto hosting. Cryptoway will offer hosting services in Q3 2022. You crypto mining journey can be taken to the next level.
USA Hosting Center

Hosting your crypto miners can sometimes be a daunting task. Not enough space in your home or office?

Need a secure location, where trained technicians can look after your unit(s) ?

Then you're definitely in the right place. Based in Oregon, our center will offer you the opportunity to host your units with Cryptoway. Our maintenance fees start as low as £20 PCM/ Per unit

Discounted Electricity rates

All Cryptoway's customers will have access to our hosting centers, including discounted rates.

Maintenance rates will be based on the number of crypto mining rigs hosted or maintenance packages that are currently in place for the end user.

Prices per kw/h will start at 0.08 USD

Image showing electricity warning. Cryptoway understands the pain of high energy prices and is making plans to help our customers make sure their mining rigs don't burn out more than they make.
Image showing crypto mining units being hosted. Cryptoway will host your mining rigs regardless if they are bought from us or not.
host your own crypto units

Regardless if you bought your crypto mining units from us or not, we will always welcome you to use our services. Sign up below to be kept in the loop!

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